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The Independent Alliance is chaired by Senator Feargal Quinn. It was founded in January 2015 by five Independent TDs Michael Fitzmaurice, Tom Fleming, John Halligan, Finian McGrath and Shane Ross. Soon after, Independent Senator Gerard Craughwell joined. Since then, over twenty Independent councillors have committed to the Alliance.

The Alliance is a group of like-minded — radical but responsible,– public representatives determined to change Irish politics fundamentally. It has, so far, recruited twenty one candidates for the forthcoming general election. Many of them are already independent councillors with proven track records.

The Independent Alliance is intent on being a key influence on Irish politics. Its members in Dáil Éireann will never take a party whip but have united behind a set of principles, soon to be converted into a formal charter.

The Alliance will ensure that the people of Ireland have stable government supporting a government in votes of confidence, providing that is convincingly committed to implementing the Alliance’s radical programme. In addition the Alliance will cooperate with any legislation which is consistent with our charter.

Members of the Independent Alliance regard the party whip as a regressive force in Irish politics. The whip ensures that party insiders impose their will on elected TDs. The Alliance’s TDs will be free to vote as they wish on all legislation. Dáil business will pass or fall on merit. The Dáil will decide, instead of the cabinet dictating, the fate of legislation.

Other non –negotiable principles include the end of all party political patronage by removing the power of ministerial appointments, a programme for the revival of rural Ireland, supports for people with disabilities and reform of the banks on a scale so far avoided by all governments.

The Alliance is prepared to take seats in the cabinet if its elected members believe that such a course will be effective in ending civil war politics and the rule of political insiders.

A vacancy has arisen for Chief Strategist for the Independent Alliance



Here are the constituencies that we have candidates in

Hover over the round marker for more information and Click for the candidates page

Map1-Ireland (See map2 for Dublin)


Map2 -Dublin

ireland map2

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